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The Institute has focused on the following broad activities and assistance to develop small scale units situated in the State.

(A) Technical Consultancy Services

  • Prepare model project profiles, feasibility reports, technical guides, technology transfer documents etc.
  • Prepare project reports on request from entrepreneurs. The consultancy charges are 0.5% of the project cost or maximum Rs.5,000/-.
  • Prepare Project Appraisal Reports on request from Financial Institutions, Govt. Departments etc. for which consultancy fee upto Rs. 5,000/- is charged.
  • Assist in selection of proper machinery & equipment, process techniques, raw material etc. for the manufacture of a particular item.
  • SISI supplements the efforts of State Govt., Corporations and other related Departments in the implementation of Central Govt. Policies for the promotion of SSI.

(B) Economic Information Services

  • Provide information about various facilities and incentives offered to SSI Sector and formalities involved in setting up of small scale industry.
  • Guide entrepreneurs and made them aware about Government circulars and policy matters.
  • Prepare/update District Industrial Potential Survey Reports, to highlight industrial potentialities in the District.
  • Assist DICs on various schemes like PMRY, RIP etc.
  • Collection & compilation of monthly production data of 18 reserved items for 152 target units and quarterly production data of 2% sample units of 148 target units.
  • Prepare State Industrial Profile highlighting State Industrial Policies & Scope of Small Scale Units based on local resources and Ancillary Industries to Large Sector.

(C) Industrial Management & Training Services

  • Conduct Industrial Management Courses on E-Commerce & E-Business, Taxation, Export, Marketing, Financial & Production Management for SSI entrepreneurs and their employees.
  • Conduct EDP/SDP Courses including Product cum Process Development Programmes for educated unemployed youths for setting up of new industries.
  • Organise Motivational Campaigns to motivate young entrepreneurs for starting small scale industries.

(D) Training through Demonstration
Conduct Demonstration cum Training Programmes on Chemical, Bakery & Food Items.

(E) Marketing Support to SSI
Help SSI units to register with NSIC for participation in the Govt. Stores Purchase Programme. Recommendation to NSIC for issue of Competency Certificate for participation of SSI Units in Govt. Stores Purchase Programme.

(F) MSME-DI Participation in the Local Exhibitions
The Institute participates in the local Exhibitions organised by Associations, Federations, Chambers etc. by displaying reports prepared by the Institute and activities being carried out. Spot guidance/assistance is provided to the visitors and also hand outs are distributed to the interested entrepreneurs.

(G) Ancillary Development Programme
Identify potential items for development in the Small Scale Sector in consultation with large & medium industries for the purpose of ancillarisation or vendor development.

Organise Buyer Seller Meets/Vendor Development Programmes and Industrial Exhibitions.

(H) Sub-contract Exchange
Registration of SSI units under Sub-Contract Exchange for which Rs.100/- is charged to maintain data of SSI units and large scale units' requirements. Tender enquiries are passed on to SSI units.

(I) Technology Upgradation
Prepare Technology Upgradation/Quality Control/Cluster Study Reports on different industries suggesting technology upgradation. These reports also helps in strengthening the local SSI Units and enhancing the exports.

Organise Seminars/Workshop to focus on the upgradation of Technology, Quality Improvement, Cost Reduction etc. for the SSI units.

(J) Intensive Technical Assistance
Intensive Technical Assistance is provided to small scale units to improve quality of the product, minimisation of wastage during the process, energy conservation and cost reduction.

(K) ISO-9001/14001 & TQM
Organise Awareness/Training Programmes for obtaining ISO 9001/ 14001 Certification. In order to enhance the competitive strength of SSI Sector, the Govt. of India has introduced incentive scheme for their technological upgradation and quality improvement. The scheme provides reimbursement of charges for acquiring ISO 9001/14001 (or its equivalent) Certification to the extent of 75% of the total cost subject to maximum of Rs. 75,000/-.

(L) National Awards for SSI
To motivate the micro, small & medium enterprises to produce quality products and enhance their share in the local/export market, innovating new technology/design etc., the Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India has introduced National Awards for the micro, small & medium enterprises.

Micro, Small & Medium units are motivated to apply such awards.  The applications are collected and are put up to the State Level Selection Committee which recommends to the office of the Development Commissioner (MSME), New Delhi for the following Awards:
A. (i)   National Awards for Outstanding Entrepreneurship in Micro & Small Enterprises
          engaged in manufacturing.
    (ii)  National Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship in Micro & Small Enterprises
          rendering services.  
   (iii)  National Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship in Medium Enterprises engaged in
B. National Awards for Quality Products in Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs).
C. National Award for Research & Development Efforts in Micro, Small & Medium
    Enterprises (MSMEs)
    i) National Award for Research & Development Efforts in Micro & Small Enterprises.  
   ii) National Award for Research & Development Efforts in Medium Enterprise.

(M) Pollution Control/Cleaner Production/Waste Minimisation
Organise Awareness Programmes on the above subjects for the benefit of small scale units and also giving consultancy to the units for obtaining ISO-14001.

(N) Energy Conservation
Organise Seminars/Awareness Programmes on Energy Conservation/Energy Audits with the help of other concerned agencies dealing with Energy Conservation and Energy Audits.

(O) ODS Phase Out Programme
Organise Awareness Programmes on ODS phase out for the benefit of units engaged in ODS activities viz. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Service Sector, Solvent, Foam and Fire Fighting Equipments manufacturers.

The Govt. of India has notified detailed rules to regulate ODS phase out under the Environment Protection Act 1986. The rules give the necessary legal backing and time frame for the phase out of ODS. According to the ODS (Regulation & Control) Rule 2000, Director, MSME has been designated the authority for Registration of SSI Units dealing with the ODS activities.

Detailed procedure for registration, rules thereof and the format of registration and the report have been prescribed in the rule. SSI units engaged in ODS activities approach Director, MSME for registration and renewal of the same during the year.

MSME-DI, Ahmedabad is a Computer Based Technology Nodal Centre created with an idea to promote data bases and information (Internet) to facilitate the networking amongst the information providers and seekers. It is a major project to develop and promote the small scale sector with an objective of creating and promoting an electronic network for small enterprises with data bases, training inputs, technical know-how and facilitating a network alliance among information service providers to small enterprises.

Technology Resource Centre (TRC) is established in MSME-DI, Ahmedabad meant to help SSI units who want to upgrade or modernise their technology. Generators of technology will also be available from this forum for dissemination of information about their activities. In general TRC will supply information about product groups covering details of technology (including State of Art Technology, Traditional Technology, Technology generally used), including list of machinery and raw material suppliers, quality standards, availability of consultants etc.

(R) Export Promotion

  • Organise programmes on Anti Dumping Duty, WTO, IPR for the benefit of SSI units.
  • Motivate Micro & SSI units to participate in the International Trade Fair at the Govt. cost.
  • Disseminating information on MDA Scheme.
  • Organise Educational Training Programmes on Packaging for Exports.
  • Recommendation of units for Export Awards instituted by State Government.

(S) Other Activities
Conduct Seminars & Workshops with Industry Associations/ Chambers/ Federations to highlight the problems faced by the industry & to overcome the same and also to discuss about the prospects of the industry.

Participate in the Motivational/Intensive Campaign organised by State Govt./Corporations to disseminate technical information and provide spot guidance to prospective entrepreneurs for starting small scale industries.

Attend important meetings convened by State/Central Govt. Departments, Corporations, Banks, Associations, Chambers, Federations etc.